NAB, NPR Talk Up FM Chip for Wireless Alerts


Mobile_PhoneNAB and NPR are reiterating their support for FM chips to be embedded and activated in wireless devices.

We’ve written the commission has proposed updating its rules regarding wireless emergency alerts, such as increasing the character limits. The agency wants more state and local emergency public safety authorities to use WEA alerts, and dissuade the public from choosing to opt out and not receive the texts.

NAB and NPR agree with the commission that “public perception of WEA messages as irrelevant” may lead to opt-outs. That’s why, in addition to upgrading WEA geo-targeting, testing and training, the commission proposed changes designed to enhance the WEA message content, including allowing embedded URLs. However NAB and NPR say in filed comments that will just drive users to the Internet and worsen wireless network congestion in a crisis.

That’s why NAB and NPR urge the agency to “support industry efforts toward increasing the number of mobile devices with activated FM chips” for public safety. They believe this is a “logical extension” to current WEA message language urging consumers to “Check Local Media” for more information.