NAB offers emergency assistance to broadcasters


When disaster strikes, broadcasters are often at their very best, remaining on air under all types of conditions to provide vital information to their stricken communities. But sometimes the broadcasters themselves need help in order to do that. The National Association of Broadcasters has kicked off a program to provide that assistance.

NAB’s program is in partnership with Agility Recovery Solutions. The goal is to provide help tailored to the station and the situation “…featuring disaster recovery and business interruption services concentrating on power, technology, space and connectivity that will help broadcasters operate at their fullest capacity.”

NAB EVP Dennis Wharton explained, “In times of crisis, broadcasters serve as a critical lifeline for the public by keeping communities alert and informed. Partnering with Agility Recovery Solutions helps to ensure that our member stations have the tools they need to keep their radio and television stations up and running when the public needs them the most.”

Agility Recovery CEO Bob Boyd added, Broadcasters strive to provide quality content to their audiences, but a disaster can leave these radio and television stations powerless to communicate with their communities and promote their advertisers. Agility Recovery believes all businesses – regardless of size or industry – should have access to cost-efficient and effective recovery solutions. Our partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters ensures its members can be confident in their ability to recover no matter the circumstances happening around them.”

The program will be available to NAB member stations.