NAB pushes radio on cell with Capitol Hill ad


The National Association of Broadcasters is striking while the iron is hot. In the wake of favorable poll results showing that upwards of 75% of US citizens would like to have a broadcast radio service on their cell phones, NAB is reminding legislators just how useful such a feature would have been had it been widely available during the blizzards of 2010.

The ad was placed in the 9/15/10 edition of Politico. Here is the text:

Earlier this year, Washington was paralyzed by a fierce snow and ice storm. Many residents were without power, telephone and Internet service.

But radio was there.

Families lucky enough to own battery-powered radios had one of the only sources of information during the days when the entire city was incapacitated.

But if every cell phone had been equipped with a radio receiver, it would have been a different story.

Cell phones can be made “radio ready” with equipment that costs less than a dollar and weighs less than a tic tac.

Radio’s ability to stay “on air” even in times of extreme crisis make it the perfect complement to cell phones.

Let’s keep America safe: ensure your cell phone is radio ready!

Radio. Always on. Always there.

The ad can be viewed here:

RBR-TVBR observation: Speaking of snow, can radio broadcasters build a snowball effect on this issue? Perhaps it’s time to get some PSAs out there and enlist radio’s loyal listeners in to the campaign in support of radio on cellular.