NAB puts out another round of DTV vids


The drop dead date for the end of analog television is about two and a half months away, and with that in mind, the NAB has three new ads out that directly address the most common consumer questions. “These latest spots hit on the nuts and bolts of digital television and are designed to help viewers complete their final steps in upgrading, so they can enjoy the multiple benefits of digital to the fullest extent possible,” said NAB Vice President for Digital Television Jonathan Collegio.

The topics covered in brief 30-second bursts are the basics of hooking up a digital-to-analog converter box, tips on getting the most out of an antenna, and a reminder on the need to scan and rescan for digital signals once a converter box is in use.

RBR/TVBR observation: What we’ve seen so far is the vast majority of consumer confusion landing in just a few easily addressed areas, mixed in with some serious problems, mostly concerning lost access to stations due to modified coverage contours. This is a problem that will not ever be easily addressed save by getting really spiffy new antennae, or new station translators mushrooming into the abandoned areas, or convincing the bereaved former station viewers to bite the bullet if they are financially able and subscribe to an MVPD service.

If we can knock off as many of the simple fix questions beforehand, there will be that much more time guide to public through the truly sticky situations.