NAB Show Preview: Orban Updates Headphone Monitor


A newly updated iSurround Headphone Monitor is now on the market from Orban.

Designed for accurate rendering of discrete 11.1 immersive next generation audio (NGA) content in the users’ headphones, the Orban iSurround Headphone Monitor does not require artificial ambience or special encoding to accurately reproduce 3D/Immersive multichannel audio with height.

Additionally, the iSurround Headphone Monitor works with any type of headphone, including open backed, closed back, in-ear or ear buds without the need for individual HRTF calibration or special setup.

Using Orban’s patent-pending DSX headphone immersive surround algorithm, this new product features the latest version ITU-R BS.1770 loudness measurement system for accurate and quick assessment of 3D/Immersive 11.1 surround audio including program quality, levels and loudness. The latest firmware version, v4.00.02, supports DSX algorithm v 2.71. No proprietary surround encoding is required; test tone locations are rendered with precise image integrity, including BLITS tones and SWOOP tests without artificial ambience that masks the program audio.

Orban iSurround Headphone Monitor is shipping now with standard AES I/O and its HD/SDI input option. Other options to be available soon include AES-67 input via Dante AoIP, and balanced analog audio I/O as well as a built-in webserver for remote control and logging (balanced analog audio I/O and HD/SDI input cannot be combined).

“Orban’s iSurround Headphone Monitor addresses the needs of our HDTV broadcast customers for an 11.1 immersive surround headphone monitor that will allow them to monitor and QC their next generation audio content outside a specially-designed and expensive audio control room,” said Orban president David Day. “This robust, cost-effective solution allows users to work with their preferred type of headphones, achieving the sonic accuracy they need without special setup or calibration.  There simply isn’t anything else in the world that can do this.”

The iSurround Headphone Monitor is designed for use by broadcasters, production houses, content creators, recording studios, mastering houses and HDTV networks, and will be on display at booth N2024 at the 2018 NAB show in Las Vegas. 

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