NAB takes exception to white space advocates


The Wireless Innovation Alliance, which would like to flood the so-called white spaces between licensed broadcast television stations with unlicensed devices, has charged the NAB with mounting a scurrilous misinformation campaign about their plans. In a letter to WIA’s Jack Krumholz (who’s day job is with Microsoft), NAB President/CEO David Rehr begged to differ.

Tellingly, Rehr pointed out that sharing the results of FCC testing of such devices can not be called a "public misinformation campaign." The WIA is in fact the organization playing with the truth, finding reasons to excuse its engineers for failing to pass muster under government testing. Because of that failure, "…it comes as no surprise that more than 80 members of Congress have contacted the FCC to express concerns about the impact these devices could have on the ability of television viewers to receive analog and digital television signals without interference."

Rehr said WIA was trying to get their devices into circulation before proper testing has been concluded. The FCC should not, and broadcasters will not sit still for that.