NAB updates educational material


The National Association of Broadcasters put together new material to reflect the new 6/12/09 hard date for the end of analog broadcast television. And it’s running a new campaign in its HQ town of Washington DC. But the best news is that a new set of material is being provided which can be customized by stations still broadcasting side-by-side analog and digital streams, but which are planning to shut off the analog side prior to June.
In DC, the NAB is putting its message on 200 buses, throughout a key subway station and on the HQ building itself. For general use, NAB has a “half-hour educational program about the DTV transition in English and Spanish, which stations must run to meet Federal Communications Commission consumer education requirements.”

RBR/TVBR observation: Consumer education is a primary concern of the FCC, so hats off to the NAB for making compliance as easy as possible.