NABA to launch full committee for radio


The Toronto-based North American Broadcasters Association announced the formation of a full Radio Committee as approved by its Board of Directors at their 9/30 meeting in Los Angeles. The Radio Committee was proposed by NABA’s Director from NPR, Mike Starling, and will benefit both the many existing NABA members with radio operations and potential new members from both the operations and manufacturing sides of the business.

The NABA Radio Committee (NABA-RC) will begin meeting later this month to develop a formal mandate and an extensive work plan to support that mandate. The new committee will also meet for a first face-to-face around NABA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) Event in mid-

February in NYC.

The NABA-RC will report directly to NABA’s Board and its mandate will include technical, operational, and best practices. It will recognize these in context with the developments for digital radio, hybrid radio (i.e., RadioDNS), radio in mobile devices, and two-way radios (whether via Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE). Workflow efficiencies, multi-platform delivery and audience analytics will also be a major focus of the NABA-RC.

Radio’s continuing importance in emergency situations will also be considered an open area for discussion as it is with the NABA-RC’s sister committee the Risk Awareness & Continuity Committee (NABA-RACC). The NABA-RC will explore some of the specific areas of radio expertise in emergency situations, best practices, special responsibilities, and then share that with the NABA-RACC and ultimately the NABA Board.

By forming this Committee now the NABA Board is providing for the radio community to have the occasion to reflect and share with one another issues that are focused exclusively in the radio domain – common issues, operating challenges, and potential best practices and solutions.

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  1. Congratulations on the formation of the NABA Radio Committee! As a preeminent voice and advocate for free-over-the-air radio in the Garden State, the New Jersey Broadcasters Association (NJBA) applauds your initiative in this area and we wish you the very best as you move forward in your discussions and activities regarding the vital role Radio plays in the lives of the audiences your member stations serve, especially in times of emergency. The lessons learned from our coverage during Super-storm Sandy still need to be reinforced and remembered in operations and practice and your proactive measures will pay dividends long into the future.

    To that end, the NJBA offers the NABA our enthusiastic support. Good luck and keep going!

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