NABJ keeping tabs on Imus


The National Association of Black Journalists is well aware of what caused Don Imus to be canned by both CBS Radio and MSNBC, and it’s already found reason to gripe about his new stint on Citadel Media and Fox Business Network.

It was a racially-charged joke about the Rutgers women’s basketball team that got Imus drummed out of his prior gigs. He apologized and has said his suspension was justified and it’s what he would have done had he been management.

But NABJ seems to expect further mischief, and was not happy with two of the guests Imus had on during his debut on FBN.

It wrote, “Imus’ first guest on Monday was African-American author Debra Dickerson, who is known for writing a controversial essay that said then-presidential candidate Barack Obama wasn’t really black. Imus also invited Fox commentator Glenn Beck on this show. Beck attracted attention on his Fox News show for labeling President Barack Obama a racist.”

“I am disappointed that Don Imus did not seek to make his first show on the Fox Business Channel fair and balanced,” said NABJ Vice President of Broadcast Bob Butler.

RBR-TVBR observation: We expect Imus to say controversial things going forward, but we will be very surprised indeed if he so far forgets himself to wade into racially-controversial waters again.

Besides that, since when was Debra Dickerson, a columnist for the extremely left-wing “Mother Jones” magazine, a conservative? Her contention was that Barack Obama couldn’t understand the American Black experience because he was not a descendant of slaves. It was a viewpoint also held by some other African-American liberals who spoke up during the campaign. If anything, she is to the left of Obama politically. And we have a sneaking suspicion that Glenn Beck is at least a bit to his right. So, how is that not a “balanced” guest lineup?