NABOB scores FCC Chair


The National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters has revised its conference schedule next week to make room for a new guest speaker: FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. Robert McDowell and Mignon Clyburn will also be in attendance.

The new FCC Chairman will speak to the assembled on the second morning of the two day Washington DC event, and will be introduced by NABOB’s Jim Winston at 9:30 AM. He will be addressing the main theme of the conference, “Washington Update: PPM, NUDs, and More.”

On the docket for that event are a number of issues, including “deficiencies in Arbitron’s PPM audience measurement system; the recent problems surrounding ‘No Urban Dictates;’ Congress’s consideration of imposing additional music copyright royalty payments on radio broadcasters; the White House’s and the Commission’s national broadband initiatives, and other important regulatory, legislative and executive branch issues.”

McDowell will be appearing a day earlier, speaking in advance of the kick-off panel called “No Urban and No Hispanic Dictates – A New Platform to End Them.” Following will be panels looking at agency and advertiser attitudes towards Urban Radio.

Clyburn will be a featured speaker at Friday’s luncheon, running from 12:30-2:00.

RBR/TVBR observation: NABOB has a number of hot issues of its plate, and many of them are equally applicable to mainstream broadcasters as well. If the organization is successful at, say, digging up financing sources, we hope it will point the way for everybody else.