NABOB to honor Clyburn


Mignon ClyburnMignon Clyburn’s historic tenure as the first female Chair of the FCC, brief though it may be, has earned her the honor of being the next recipient of the NABOB Power of Urban Radio Forum Leadership Award.

The Forum, which is being held for the 13th time, is on the schedule for 10/2-4/13.

NABOB stated, “Chairwoman Clyburn made history when she was recently appointed to her current position by President Barack Obama as the first woman to serve as Chair of the FCC. Chairwoman Clyburn is a strong advocate for underrepresented and underserved consumers, and has worked with NABOB on many important issues since first being appointed as a Commissioner in 2009.”

Clyburn is keeping the FCC operating on all cylinders while keeping the chair warm for nominee Tom Wheeler, who has been vetted by the Senate Commerce Committee but has yet to be scheduled for an approval vote by the full Senate.

Wheeler is a Democrat, and it is believed that his nomination may be on hold until a replacement for departed Republican Robert McDowell is named and vetted.

With Congress widely seen to be in a state of perpetual dysfunction these days, and with the summer recess looming, Clyburn’s tenure as Acting Chairwoman could turn out to be lengthier than expected.