NAB’s Mago will go into retirement


Jane MagoIt was perhaps fitting that we have so often seen Jane Mago’s name at the bottom of so many NAB FCC filings, since she spent going on four decades working for one or the other of the two.

Mago, EVP of the NAB Legal Department, is hanging up her spikes after 10years with NAB, and before that, 26 years with the FCC.

Rick Kaplan, who has been leading the NAB’s effort in preparing for the incentive auctions, has been named as her replacement.

Mago intends to put the Nation’s Capital in the rear view mirror, heading for full time residence in Fort Myers FL. “It has been an honor and a privilege to work for and with the broadcast industry through many challenging times,” said Mago. “The work that broadcasters do every day makes a real and positive difference in communities across America, and I’m proud to have been associated with this great profession.”

NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith called Mago “…a remarkable advocate for NAB and one of the classiest people in our business. Jane’s integrity is unquestioned, and her bridge-building style has been a huge asset for broadcasters in Washington. I speak for the entire NAB staff, the communications bar association and the NAB Board in saying that Jane Mago has served all broadcasters with distinction.”

Smith added, “NAB is fortunate to have someone with Rick Kaplan’s intellect and Washington savvy waiting in the wings to replace Jane. As head of the NAB Spectrum Team, Rick has demonstrated a commitment and work ethic that will help NAB Legal continue to succeed.”

Mago will continue to work with NAB and Kaplan as a consultant through the end of next year.