NAMB Speaks Out on FCC Ownership Rules


NAMBThe hot-stove issue of media ownership continues to raise voices from all corners of the industry. In the crosshairs are the FCC rules on print-broadcast cross-ownership and foreign investment in American broadcasting. In the wake of suits filed by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the News Media Alliance (NMA), members of the National Association of Media Brokers (NAMB) are the latest to chime in and say that the FCC is behind the times.

Here’s what NAMB leadership had to say:

Glenn Serafin, NAMB president: “In multiple FCC filings over the last four years, our association has advocated an end to the prohibition on newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership, as well as the removal or relaxation of the 25% cap on foreign investment in terrestrial radio and television stations. We support the NAB and the newspaper industry in their efforts to eliminate those FCC restrictions which are antiquated and which strangle the marketplace.”

Eddie Esserman, NAMB vice-president: “To agree with the FCC’s decision about cross-ownership, you would have to believe there is not enough media in the marketplace. I don’t know anyone who believes that.”

The wave of protest continues to build and it would seem that it’s a case of “it’s only a matter of time.”