NAP closes on Bustos, sells to Bustos and changes name


A broadcast group formerly held by Amador Bustos is now officially under the control of NAP Broadcast Holdings LLC, headed by Jay Meyers and formed by Newstar Financial, Atalaya Capital and Prudential for the purposes of the merger. It will operate radio and LPTV stations in nine markets as Adelante Media Group, LLC, and will sell holding in a tenth market back to Bustos, who still has an interest in other stations.

Meyers said the name was picked from among employee suggestions. “This is an exciting time for all of stations and all of our employees. We are backed by a visionary group of owners who are as confident about the upside for this company as I am. Our new name, Adelante, which in Spanish means “moving forward” and is often used as a greeting when welcoming someone into your home, is a perfect banner to operate under into the future.”

Meyers continued, “We operate in emerging Hispanic markets, and when the new census is finalized, we will be well positioned to take advantage of the growth. The mission is to build a great broadcast company that will serve the fastest growing segment of the population with great Spanish programming. We’ll try to bring some fun back into the business, and ask our employees to use their best judgment and come to work every day with one goal – to be better at their job then they were yesterday. Unlike so many others these days, this will not be a corporate driven company. Instead we will look to our markets for excellence and brilliance and we’ll be there for help, support and ideas.”

The stations headed by to Bustos are in the Portland OR market, all AMs, including KOOR-AM Milwaukie OR, KGDD-AM Oregon City OR, KLPM-AM Portland OR and KRYN-AM Gresham OR.

Bustos had the misfortune to assemble his radio market when prices were at their peak, then running them just as revenues for the entire radio industry went sour.

Here is the list of stations implicated in the transaction:

* Modesto CA

KBBU-FM Modesto CA

* Sacramento CA

KBAA-FM Grass Valley CA

KLMG-FM Esparto CA

KGRB-FM Jackson CA

KSTV-LP Sacramento CA

* Boise ID


KQTA-AM Homedale ID

* Salt Lake City UT

KTUB-AM Centerville UT

KDUT-FM Randolph UT

KBTU-LP Salt Lake City

KBMG-FM Evanston WY

* Seattle-Tacoma WA

KTBK-AM Auburn-Federal Way WA


* Tri-Cities WA

KZTB-FM Milton-Freewater OR

KMMG-FM Benton City, WA

* Wenatchee WA

KULE-AM Ephrata WA

KULE-FM, Ephrata WA


* Yakima WA

KDYK-AM Union Gap WA

KDYM-FM Sunnyside WA


* Milwaukee WI

WDDW-FM Sturtevant WI

WBWT-LP Milwaukee WI

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