Napster iPhone app coming?


ElectricPig reports a Napster iPhone app has been made and is good-to-go. That’s the word from Napster’s Thorsten Schliesche, who told them that his team of music mad software mavens had an app ready, but that it won’t launch until labels ease up on pricing regulations.

Schliesche, speaking at the launch of the new Napster Unlimited service, spoke about plans for a Napster iPhone app: “We have developed an app for the iPhone but it’s not approved by Apple yet.”

However, he went on to say that it would stay behind closed doors until the labels drove down the cost of streaming to mobile phones. Citing Spotify’s monthly price tag for its iPhone app, Schliesche said he was opposed to the premium price tag for mobile streaming.

Instead of an app, Napster would be focusing on its mobile site, he said. “A lot of companies have an app just to have an app. So what we have created is a WAP portal that guarantees portability.”