NASH FM 92.3 debuts in Albuquerque


nash_logoCumulus announced that Country-formatted KRST-FM Albuquerque has adopted the NASH FM Country music and lifestyle brand, joining the growing list of what will eventually be more than 60 owned-and-operated Country stations operating under the NASH brand.

NASH FM 92.3 KRST will add “America’s Morning Show” with Blair Garner, Terri Clark and Chuck Wicks to its current lineup of NASH programming, which already includes “NASH Nights Live” with Shawn Parr and Elaina Smith and “Kickin’ It with Kix” with Kix Brooks and Suzanne Alexander. These shows orginate from the Nashville NASH campus, the nation’s only multimedia facility devoted solely to producing and distributing content based on the Country music lifestyle, including radio programming, TV/videos, magazines and events.

“We are pleased to introduce NASH FM 92.3 KRST to New Mexico as the NASH brand continues to expand throughout the country,” said John Dickey, Cumulus EVP/COO. “The NASH brand will complement the already robust Country-driven content that 92.3 listeners have come to love.”

“Integrating the multi-media star power of NASH into a heritage station like KRST just makes sense,” said Kris Abrams, PD for KRST. “Pairing Blair Garner and his AMS team, Kix Brooks, and Shawn Parr with 20 year Albuquerque personality Juan Velasco made it natural to put a little more Nashville in our name.”


  1. There goes another station to the bottom of the pit, no local personablism. First it was the Big I and now is sucks, and I thought Krst would be listenable station for ever where you had real local people instead of celebs, I will definitely not listen, We need another local country station to take over and employee local people.

  2. I am very disappointed. I have been a loyal listener to KRST for years. I enjoyed listening to the LOCAL morning show on my way to work. The music was great and the discussions by people who actually live here and could talk about things that matter to us who live in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. I can’t believe after all these years that KRST did this. Will be looking for another radio station. Maybe someone who has loyalty to the people who support them.

  3. You know – I have been a loyal listener to 92.3KRST from the very beginning. I remember when thy first joined up and became the FM sister to 1450 KRZY AM radio. They were big supporters of the community. To me – this is just another example of the almighty dollar being bigger than the people. I am very disappointed. Country Music was founded on people, community, and caring but the $$$$ are taking over. We need to all get together and support the stations that support our community. I still I am sorry KRSTI guess I will have to once again find another way to listen to the music that I grew up on but I can’t support someone that doesn’t support the community that I grew up in, that I love, and that is my home.

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