National Cable Communications now NCC Media


National Cable Communications (NCC) has re-cast itself as NCC Media, it was announced by Greg Schaefer, the organization’s President and CEO. This change reflects the wide range of media services the company provides to the advertising industry, whether delivered by cable, telecom, satellite or interactive platforms.

NCC Media has evolved from selling spots on cable systems 20 years ago, to today providing arguably the widest array of linear and digital ad products in the industry. Our corporate identity now more accurately reflects the true scope and scale of our dynamic company,” said Schaefer. “Today’s market requires a versatile, more nimble approach to advertising sales. Our clients have seen and will continue to see an ever-broadening range of advertising services available to them, particularly from our owners, affiliates and partners.”

While NCC was founded as a sales rep company for major cable providers, the company, jointly owned by three of the nation’s largest cable system operators – Comcast, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable, now represents virtually every other multi-channel TV service provider in the country, reaching an estimated 98% of all multi- channel homes. It has further expanded its client base to include satellite, telco, interactive TV and internet properties.

NCC is also on the cutting edge of technologies which provide new means of advertising, making it possible to precisely target consumers by category, media habits, market, city, and even by neighborhood. NCC Media’s proprietary research and analysis capabilities make it possible for them to recommend networks, programs, marketing platforms and digital media extensions that are the best fit for client brand positioning.

“This new corporate identity more accurately represents the broad-based media company NCC Media has developed into over the years,” continued Schaefer. “As marketers navigate through the complex and ever-changing world of television and interactive advertising, NCC Media will build on its strong foundations to provide expert guidance, customized advertising programs, and consultative media solutions designed to meet unique client needs.”