National PACs pack it in during April


The Republican Party won two of three head-to-head PAC fund-raising matchups for the month of April, but the Democratic Party still wound up bringing in more cash, and holds a significant lead overall in cash on hand.

According to The Hill, The National Republican Congressional Committee brought in $2M more than its counterpart, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, raising $7.1M compared to $5.1M. But the DCCC holds a large advantage in the bank, sitting on reserves of $27M, compared to only $11.5M for the NRSC.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee bested its counterpart Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee by a more modest $1.3M for the month, bringing in $4.4M compared to $3.1M. Both committees have about $17M in the bank – with the edge going to the Democrats by about $100K.

The Democratic National Committee outraised the Republican National Committee by enough of a margin to give the Democrats a $300K advantage for the month, picking up $10.4M to RNC’s $6.8M. It has $15.1M in the bank, to the RNC’s $12.5M.

Overall, the three Democratic Committees are sitting on $59.2M, while the three Republican committees have $41M.

All six of them have started spending. DNC led the way, spending $10M during the month, followed by RNC and NRCC (each $5.7M), DCCC ($4M), DSCC ($3.3M) and finally, NRSC ($2.3M).

RBR-TVBR observation: This is the money that will follow the battlefield. As hot spots develop, these committees will funnel in cash, to take advantage of opportunities to capture a seat, or to defend a seat that’s in danger of being lost.