Native Public Media flying solo


After six years of development under the National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB), Native Public Media (NPM) has formed a separate 501c3 organization.

NFCB played a vital role in the creation of NPM, serving as fiscal agent for funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) that established and continues to fuel the growth of NPM. 

“It’s appropriate for NPM to move forward on its own,” said NFCB President Maxie Jackson III.  “We will continue to have a relationship with NPM and will continue NFCB’s long held commitment to working with stations that serve communities of color.” 

“NPM has prospered and grown under NFCB,” said NPM Board Chair Sue Matters.  “NFCB provides an important space for radio broadcasters of color.”  

Matters said NPM is expanding the scope of the organization beyond station services to coordinate with the 565 Native nations and work for advances in communications policy and the deployment of new media technologies.   

“NFCB has played an important role in CPB’s efforts to extend services to public radio’s diverse range of stations, and we are grateful for the organization’s stewardship of Native Public Media,” said Bruce Theriault, Senior Vice President of Radio at CPB.
NFCB is an alliance of stations, producers, and others committed to community radio. NFCB says it advocates for national public policy, funding, recognition, and resources on behalf of its membership, while providing services to empower and strengthen community broadcasters through the core values of localism, diversity and public service.