NATPE 2015 to address global issues


Group of PeopleThe National Association of Television Program Executives will convene in Miami in January 2015 – and the theme will be learning how to monetize content in a multi-platform international market. The phrase being used to capture this theme is “Content Without Borders.”

The 2015 NATPE Market & Conference will be held at Miami’s Fountainbleau Resort from 1/20/15-1/22/15.

NATPE President and CEO Rod Perth state, “At no time in our industry has there been as much change as we are experiencing today. All of us are recalibrating how we monetize content because technology continues to improve access to new platforms. Advertising will continue to drive monetization because audiences are being measured no matter how or where they watch. Our business is increasingly interdependent, and past silos between new and old media are disappearing. One constant remains, which is that fresh ideas and great story telling from every corner of the globe are at the core of how we use new technology by keeping audiences engaged. Our business truly exists without borders.”

The basic premise of the confab remains the same as usual: It will bring together “…content creators and producers, Hollywood studios, international distributors and buyers, digital publishers and platforms, and advertisers and brands,” enabling networking, productive conversation and deal-making.

NATPE listed is selection of probram tracks: “The conference program will be comprised of tracks that have proven to be must attends in recent years. These include “Game Changers,” featuring the world’s top broadcast, digital platform, advertisers and production companies, who have a record of being bold by confronting legacy business models;  “Masters of Marketing,” who represent the leading edge of how storytellers and producers are debating the opportunities and potential jeopardy of marrying creative visions with brand marketing objectives; “Storytellers and the Shaping of Pop Culture,” featuring creative icons who have shaped the characters that live in our hearts; “Platforms Accelerated,” spotlighting visionaries behind the technologies changing the industry today; “Global Navigators,” focusing on leading international companies and content from around the world; and finally, “Access to Insight: 30 Minutes at C-Level,” a series of “master classes” with trend-defining media industry leaders, executives and creators.”