NBC.com #1 amongst broadcast network websites


Fans continue to make NBC.com the #1 web site versus competitive broadcast network sites in monthly averages of unique visitors (9.4 million), minutes (177 million) and time spent per visit (10.5 minutes) according to comScore.

NBC.com and it’s series sites, NBC network, delivered 10.1 million unique visitors.

The site also posted year-to-year gains in average minutes per visitor by nine percent and average minutes per visit by 28%.

Fans came to NBC.com in October to watch full episodes of their favorite NBC programs, to view “The Office’s” critically acclaimed Subtle Sexuality webisodes and to engage with new digital content such as the “30 Rock” original web series’ Frank v. Lutz and Donaghy Uncovered, “Community” character features such as Shirley’s Words of Wisdom and Sr. Chang’s Spanish Quiz, and “Heroes” interactive Sullivan Bros. Carnival.

NBC.com is participating in comScore’s newly launched Media Metrix 360, a panel-centric hybrid solution to digital audience measurement, and its October 2009 numbers are reflective of this new approach. Media Metrix 360 combines person-level measurement from comScore’s proprietary 2 million person global panel with Web site server metrics.