NBC Local Media partners with America's Video Game Expo


NBC Local Media in Philadelphia — WCAU TV/NBC 10, and Lunar Tide Communications, announced a joint marketing, sales and content partnership that expands into online video games. The partnership will grow a new gaming brand that has its foundation in America’s Video Game Expo (VGXPO) and VideoGame.Net. NBC Local Media Philadelphia will also be working with Lunar Tide to rollout a Video Game Design Camp and After School program, where attendees will learn how to develop video games and various animation and digital design techniques.

"America’s Video Game Expo is an annual gaming destination — where gamers and industry insiders come together to celebrate videogames," stated Jennifer Johnson-Halpin, Director of VGXPO. "With NBC’s Local Media involvement in VGXPO we expect to reach thousands of gamers and offer them an absolutely fantastic experience and provide them with content that they won’t be able to find at any other gaming event."

The primary marketing relationship, that includes NBC Local Media in Philadelphia, NBC10.com, Digphilly.com and Lunar Tide, will focus on the upcoming VGXPO, where thousands of game fans and marketers will converge on the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Taking place November 21st through 23rd, VGXPO is an event that provides companies in video game, technology, sci-fi, comic book and related fields an opportunity to showcase products to gamers and pop-culture fans. For gamers, VGXPO gives them an opportunity to experience the newest games and technology; encounter game industry legends; compete in tournaments; rock out at music concerts; compete in COS-Play contests; buy games; and meet with friends. Included in these events is the Intel Extreme Masters Continental Finals Americas gaming competition — an event with $80,000 in prize money. The winners will compete against the world’s best teams at the Intel Extreme Masters Global Finals in 2009.