NBC News launches Peacock Productions


Hot on the heals of its deal to provide content to Channel One (7/10/07 TVBR #133), NBC News announced creation of its own non-fiction production company, Peacock Productions, to offer programming to NBCU television, its cable channels, including MSNBC, and other broadcast and cable entities with worldwide reach.

"Our mandate at NBC News is to reach as many people as possible at any time, in any place and on any platform. The creation of Peacock Productions will not only enable us to reach more people in new ways and places, but it also underscores how we are transforming from a news organization into a news and information organization," said Steve Capus, President of NBC News and now President of Peacock Productions as well.
The new unit already has a full slate of projects, from daily programs to documentary-type programming, on broadcast, cable, syndication and digital platforms.

For Broadcast:

* "Dateline" for 2007-2008 season

* NBC News Specials

* "Tom Brokaw Reports"

* "Busted," a pilot for a reality series about at an all-female Detective Agency.

* "Wild Bill Stanton," a pilot for a series protecting yourself and family with a former policeman-turned-security expert.

For Cable:

* "The Long Winter of Hank Aaron," Tom Brokaw updates his 1973 documentary for ESPN.

* "1968," a Tom Brokaw documentary in connection with his new book, Boom!: Aftershocks of the Sixties and Beyond, for History Channel.

* "9/11: The Search for the Truth," also for History Channel.

* "Eco-Biz," an on-going series for The Sundance Channel.

* Slate of documentaries and series for MSNBC.

For Syndication:

* "Your Total Health," weekly series on wellness and fitness featuring NBC News' Hoda Kotb.

For Digital:

* MSNBC.com's travel program, "Ultimate Getaway."

* Two weekly online shows on gadgets and inventions for SciFi.com

For Schools:

* A daily newscast for Channel One, the preeminent news and public affairs content provider for teens — reaching approximately seven million students in middle schools and high schools across the country.