NBC News partners with Channel One


Channel One, which delivers its programming to some seven million students in middle schools and high schools across the country, announced a partnership with NBC News to produce news content for teens. Beginning in the fall of 2007, Channel One will work with NBC News' dedicated Channel One production team to create programming for its daily news and public affairs broadcast, fostering lively discussion between teens and educators on the big issues of the day.

In working with NBC News to take the next step with its award-winning journalism platform, Channel One said its own correspondents will continue to follow their tradition of pursuing news stories relevant and meaningful to teens, from the US presidential campaign, to the malaria epidemic in Africa to global environmental issues. In addition, NBC News will provide the full power of its news organization to cover news wherever and whenever it breaks – locally, nationally and globally.

"For so many of tomorrow's voters and future leaders, Channel One is the only source of news they turn to in the course of a day. And our educators rely on Channel One News as a tool to spark lively discussion and debate inside the classroom, shifting the learning environment from passive to active and engaged," said Judy Harris, CEO of Channel One.

"This is yet another way for NBC News to tell the story of world events to a new generation of citizens," said Lyne Pitts, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for NBC News.