NBC NY Nonstop's Joey Reynolds talking future of TV (Video)


Joey Reynolds, Rock ’n Roll Hall of Famer, talks new TV technology with industry expert Michael Kokernak (president of Across Platforms) on his new NYC late night talk/variety show originating from Times Square. 

The segment was dedicated to discussing how the talk show format of “desk and chair” will evolve in the age of multiscreen devices, such as tablets and mobile.  Reynolds, a technology theorist, talked about his belief the TV medium will become interactive.  Jackie “the Joke Man” Martlin chimed in on his belief that in the age of HDTV performers will form a closer bond with their audience. 

The conversation also centered around the rising value of broadcast and cable content and touches on the importance of broadcast spectrum. The discussion — led by Reynolds’ interest in new technology — is thought-provoking for anyone in, or connected to, the broadcast TV industry. 

The show aired live 3/16 on NBC’s NY Nonstop in NY, CT, and NJ on the “All Night with Joey Reynolds” Show on WNBC’s DT2 multicast channel. The studio is located at NASDAQ in Times Square on 43rd Street and Broadway.

RBR-TVBR observation: Joey Reynolds, of The Joey Reynolds Show, spent years on WOR Radio Network. He’s been a big star for years on Top 40 radio and is now actually back in TV. His broadcasting career started on in Buffalo at WGR-TV 2.