NBC Sports nets launch “3 and Out”


NBCNBC Sports Regional Networks will introduce “3 and Out” — a new football analysis and debate program that will debut on 10/1 and air each remaining week of the 2013 NFL season across its lineup of Comcast SportsNet Regional Sports Networks. The 30-minute program will use fiber optics to connect a panel of football analysts, each located within a separate NFL market, to break down the three most impactful storylines affecting that week’s action.

The announcement was made by Tom Stathakes, NBC Sports Regional Networks SVP of Production and Programming.

NBC Sports Regional Networks’ Comcast SportsNet RSNs provide the major media markets they serve with comprehensive coverage of the NFL teams that matter most in more than 50 million U.S. homes. With a deep roster of football analysts at large across the country and state of the art communications technology, Comcast SportsNet’s ability to virtually come together each week and produce a football analysis roundtable like 3 and Out is unique. While each week’s three selected storylines will dictate which panelists will make up the 3 and Out panel, the program will feature regular appearances from CSN Houston’s Kelli Johnson, CSN Mid-Atlantic’s Brian Mitchell, CSN New England’s Mike Felger and CSN Bay Area’s Ray Ratto.

“We feel great about the fact that there is nothing like 3 and Out among the many football shows currently available,” said Stathakes. “Our ability to feature multiple perspectives, many of which will be on the ground in the markets where these stories are unfolding, will give our discussion and debate a level of depth and texture that is hard to find. While some think that we only produce great NBA, MLB and NHL live event coverage, fans in our markets know how well we cover the NFL, and 3 and Out is our first move to expand on that area of strength.”