NBC "takes over" CC Radio stations


To promote Fall sked as the NBC Agency and Clear Channel Radio announced national radio campaigns for NBC’s fall programming line up.  Beginning 9/17, on-air and online promotions begin on select stations in the top 10 markets to drive viewers to the new romantic mystery/drama series "Journeyman," which premieres 9/24. And next Monday, NBC and CC Radio will orchestrate the first ever "takeover" sponsorship in the radio medium with NBC as the exclusive, full-day advertiser on five of CC Radio’s biggest reach stations.

Elements of the "Journeyman" campaign include 15-second, pre-produced NBC spots that will seamlessly surround clever music programming that mixes contemporary hits and favorites from years ago to build upon the show’s travel-through-time theme. In addition, on-air spots will drive listeners to station microsites.

To kick off the week when NBC’s debuts it series premieres, the network will sponsor radio programming for the entire day on September 24 on WHTZ-FM NYC, KIIS-FM LA, KYLD-FM San Francisco, WKSC-FM Chicago and WIOQ-FM Philadelphia.  Instead of typical commercials, listeners will hear entertaining vignettes hosted by the new show talent. Unique content will be featured every hour.

RBR/TVBR observation: They must have taken a page out of the Russo [Rich Russo, JL Media’s SVP/Director of Broadcast Services] playbook, who had already done this twice–once in Dallas with "Jerry-FM" for Seinfeld, and once in Chicago with Jim-FM for "According to Jim." The Chicago campaign won an industry award in June.