NBC teams with DoubleClick again for Fall lineup


DoubleClick announced that it is working with NBC on new online ad campaigns to support the promotion of NBC's upcoming fall line-up. These new campaigns represent an extension of the three-year relationship between DoubleClick and NBC. For the Fall Launch, which kicked off at the end of July and runs into October, NBC is once again exploring Alpha Channel Video capabilities as well as some other innovations such as Full Screen Video and Video Sweetspotting, both of which are being utilized for the current launch of the "Bionic Woman."

The ad unit functions as a micro-site giving the audience an arsenal of interactive options to further engage in the pre-show excitement. With Video Sweetspotting, the audience has the ability to interact with and dynamically alter the actual video content through various trigger points that when clicked upon will deliver more detailed information about the show. With The Full-Screen Experience, the audience gets a true TV-like feeling. There's also access to Behind the Scenes footage.

For example, last February's launch of NBC's "Black Donnellys," DoubleClick implemented its Video Button. When the audience engages with the ad, there is an instant video experience that leaps onto the page. The Video Button can be customized into unusual, nontraditional shapes. The "Black Donnellys" Video Button was presented in the shape of a four-leaf clover that expanded dramatically upon interaction and immediately played the show's trailer.

To promote the launch of "Grease," NBC employed DoubleClick's Alpha Channel Video. Utilizing the latest version of flash, video content appeared transparently over a website's content. NBC shot original video of two people dancing to "You're The One That I Want" for the campaign which was showcased on the site through the Alpha Channel Video technology.