NBC's planned Playboy program under attack again


“The Playboy Club” is on the announced program lineup for NBC during the next prime time season, and before it even puts a single millimeter of content on the air, it is the target of preemptive strikes from the indecency watchdog community. It was earlier attacked by Parents Television Council, and now a Morality in Media exec is using another group to go after it again.

The program is scheduled to run Mondays from 10PM-11PM.

The Coalition for the War on Illegal Pornography is headed by MiM’s Patrick A. Trueman.

“Since the 50s, sleazy Hugh Hefner and his Playboy Magazine has pushed a philosophy which dictated that, to the ‘sophisticated man,’ the female is a mere toy to be used, abused and discarded. That philosophy has  inflicted unimaginable harm to our society, now documented by years of research. The harms of pornography include addiction of children and adults, violence against women, sexual trafficking, increased child pornography, destruction of marriages, and so much more,” said Trueman. “Today – with the cooperation of NBC and the network’s use of the public airwaves – Playboy is poised to cause even more harm, this time bringing its sleaze directly into America’s living rooms. We don’t need NBC to pour more fuel to that fire.”

PTC already launched a preemptive strike based on word that contracts for talent on the program contain a nudity clause.

RBR-TVBR observation: NBC must realize that it’s playing with fire here – this program is going to be a protest magnet, as it has proven before it has shown any inclination whatsoever to play near the edge of the FCC indecency regs. However, we can’t help noticing that it is scheduled for safe harbor in the Eastern and Pacific time zones.

Is NBC planning to push the boundaries with this program? Theoretically, it has a lot more leeway than it would if it started an hour earlier – and therein lays the problem for NBC – it likely WILL start an hour earlier in the middle of the nation. So we suspect NBC will respect the rules.

If they don’t, we are certain that the indecency watchdogs will be out in force to catch them red-handed on even the tiniest possible slip-up.