NCIS anticipation: ‘Meet DiNozzo’s Father’ Robert Wagner


In January you know that smile of that great actor from the big screen to the living room screen in series of “Hart to Hart,” “Switch” and “It Takes a Thief,” Robert Wagner will take the role of Tony DiNozzo’s dad in the 150th episode of NCIS.
NCIS has seen great actors appear as fathers of the cast: Ralph Waite as Gibb’s (Mark Harmon’s) father and Michael Nouri as Ziva’s.

This will be an episode to DVR as Tony, who has great wit and equates the cases the NCIS team to his memory bank of movies and actors in those movies. Wagner himself has demonstrated funny wit over the years and this match up is going to be fun be and a major ratings coup for CBS. First the middle to upper female demo loves Wagner and the young female demo the same with character Tony.

CBS entertainment has yet to put any release out but when they do we will post the details.