Nelly buys an FM duo on the Idaho-Washington border


SoldA pair of Idaho FMs in the Lewiston ID-Clarkston WA area are headed for a new owner in a cash/debt deal. James and Darcy Nelly will also get an FM translator in the deal.

The stations are KZBG-FM Lapwai ID and KZID-FM Culdesac ID. Located on the western portion of the Idaho panhandle, they provide good coverage of Lewiston. The translator, K247AW, is actually licensed to Lewiston.

The seller is Xana Duke Radio Partners LLC, headed by Thomas D. Hodgins and Christ Jacky.
The buyer’s license company is Nelly Broadcasting LLC.

The deal totals $627K in value – the buyers will provide $227K in cash and will retire liabilities amounting to about $400K at closing.

KZBG-FM is a Class A on 97.7 MHz with 5770 W @ 1,060’.

KZID-FM is a Class C3 on 98.5 MHz with 6.3 kW @ 420’.