Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Get Bulk of SVOD Viewing


ConnectedTVAmericans watch most of their streaming television using three providers — Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, according to a new report.

RealityMine studied TV and online video behavior using USA TouchPoints eDiary of more than 7,600 panelists.

The main takeaway — the top three streaming video companies garner 65% of all online video viewing with video sharing sites like YouTube and Vine get some 19%.

Some eighty percent of online videos watched on a television set are delivered through a subscription video-on-demand service and 40% to a computer, according to the study as reported by MediaPost.

Eighty-nine percent of millennials age 18-24 who watch television view it live, and 96% of those age 55 to 64 watch live TV, with those between 24 to 55 at 90 to 95%.