Netflix is serious about production biz


NetflixWhen it comes to serious actors, Adam Sandler may well be on the exact opposite end of the spectrum from the likes or Robert De Niro. But the fact that he’s inked a pact to make movies for Netflix signals that Netflix is serious about creating its own content.

According to numerous reports, Sandler will be on board to star in four feature films to be streamed exclusively on Netflix.

Sandler is a natural fit for the service, which is well aware how popular he is among its users because of the demand they have for Netflix reruns of his theatrical releases.

Netflix just announced its first movie production, a sequel to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” that will be also be streamed on its own platform and also shown in IMAX theaters.

The Sandler films are expected to have  budgets similar to those of major movie studios. According to the New York Times, production costs for Sandler’s films have run in the $40M-$80M range

The entry into movie production is an expansion of its existing television production operation.