Netflix launches subscription plan for streaming over the internet


With its members now watching more content streamed over the Internet than on discs delivered by mail, Netflix, introduced a $7.99 streaming-only monthly subscription plan in the US, the first time it is promoting a 100% streaming option here.  The plan, which allows members to instantly watch unlimited movies and TV episodes streamed from Netflix to TVs and computers, is available now to both new and existing members.

There are now more than 200 consumer electronics devices – including the three major game consoles and scores of Blu-ray disc players, Internet-connected TVs and digital video players – capable of streaming from Netflix right to members’ TVs.

The company also announced that the price of its subscription combining unlimited movies and TV shows streamed instantly over the Internet and unlimited DVDs delivered quickly by mail, with one DVD out at a time, will increase by a dollar a month to $9.99.

RBR-TVBR observation: Of course, Netflix all but destroyed Blockbuster and many other brick-and-mortar movie rental chains. The “mini-me” version of this, Red Box, has shown some real growth, with its Coke-machine sized vending units at many retailers and grocery stores. But with the price point of $7.99 and the ever-increasing numbers of folks streaming their entertainment, Red Box has got to be a bit concerned with this announcement.