Netflix may debut another original series


Netflix is reportedly in talks to acquire yet another original series. This time it is reportedly near to closing a deal with Lionsgate to order 13 episodes of the original comedy series, Orange is the New Black, by Weeds creator Jenji Kohan. Netflix already outbid HBO for the original series House of Cards, produced by Kevin Spacey and David Fincher.

A possible deal with Lionsgate comes as Netflix attempts to woo back subscribers following several strategic blunders, including a price hike and the failure to renew its streaming deal with Liberty Starz. In October, Netflix reversed its decision to split its mail-order DVD service from its Internet streaming and will continue to run both from a single website. On 7/12, Netflix said people who want streaming and DVDs would have to pay $7.99 a month for each service, a 60% increase for people who previously got both.

The stock has lost more than 65% of its value in the past three months.