Network Radio Upfront update


As the annual network radio upfront negotiating season is just beginning, RBR/SmartMedia is providing a weekly progress update, based on conversations with buyers and sellers in the marketplace for our annual two-part print feature. This week, we look at networks’ ability to copy split ads and their importance to the upfront. Excerpts from the SmartMedia magazine feature:

The ability to copy split by market and/or format can help bring network radio out of the dark ages.  Commented Natalie Swed Stone, US Director, National Radio Investment, OMD: The networks have improved their offerings significantly over the past two years. The lines between spot and network continue to blur with network offering many of the capabilities previously only available via spot-through trafficking technology, copy splitting is now pretty widespread and traffic deadlines are much shorter than they once were."

Added Agnes Lukasewych, VP, Account Director Radio Broadcast, MPG: "The ability to copy split by market and/or format has become more and more important especially for retailers.  Agencies/Advertisers want the flexibility of manipulating line-ups to fit strategic goals.  The technology is there, and I have to believe that the investment necessary to upgrade all properties to accommodate copy splits has the potential of creating higher returns in the long run."

RBR Note: See Intel Brief Archives for Network Buyers Guide.