Network Radio Upfront update, part 3


Monetizing HD Radio. At the HD Radio Alliance board meeting in late September, it was discussed when the stations can open the HD2 channels for commercial sponsorships–possibly as early as 2008. Three major questions:

1. What options might buyers consider for their clients, beyond the average :30 spot?
2. What options have they heard will be out there for sponsorships of these channels?
3. What about conditional access sponsorships?

Most radio groups have not begun discussions with the media community regarding HD Radio. As of now the price point on the hardware is still high for the average consumer so reach is limited. Once commercial time becomes a reality we will look to possibly sponsor segments of time with billboards and limited commercial breaks. One key agency SVP strongly noted: "I don’t think the traditional :30/:60 spot within a pod is going to get anyone excited." There are more key insights in this Special Report.

The discussion takes place with (among others):

Patrick McNew, PHD EVP/Local Media Network (LMN) Director of Operations
Matt Feinberg, SVP/National Radio, SVP/Director, Interactive Broadcast, Zenith Media Services
Pearl Kim, Supervisor, National Broadcast, Carat USA
Maja Mijatovic, Horizon Media Senior National Radio buyer
Rich Russo, JL Media’s SVP/Director of Broadcast Services

RBR/TVBR observation: HD needs to get focused in all areas. Your 2008 business is in play so if you don’t market your services/company, don’t expect to win. Let’s work together for radio and be a part of the Special Report in RBR/SmartMedia in Oct & Nov. Limited marketing/ad space available contact June Barnes 803 731-5951, Carl Marcucci 703 492- 8191 ex: 202 or Jim Carnegie 813 909-2916. Two days left to make your noise as the reservation is needed today.