Networks on a roll


A survey of media buyers finds that the broadcast television networks did a great job launching new product this season. All told, eight out of 22 new offerings could qualify for hit status.

The study comes from Media Life Magazine, which polled its constituency of media planners and buyers.

The mag determined that a vote from 47% was enough to sneak onto the list of hits – that was the lowest score among the eight winners. CBS had the honor of taking the number one slot; Fox had the number two entry; ABC had the most winners with three and was in third place twice (two of its shows were in a tie); and CW was no doubt happy just to make the list. Out in the cold: NBC.

Here are the top eight programs, and the percentage of media types who conferred hit status upon them.

1. CBS: “NCIS: Los Angeles” (86%)

2. Fox: “Glee” (79%)

3. ABC: “Modern Family” (77%)

3. ABC: “FlashForward” (77%)

5. CBS: “The Good Wife” (71%)

6. CW: “The Vampire Diaries” (64%)

7. Fox: “The Cleveland Show” (57%)

8. ABC: “Cougar Town” (47%)

Media Life readers were undecided about the new primetime version of “The Jay Leno Show.” 50% called it neither a hit nor a miss – but there was a lot of cloud and very little silver lining for Leno – the results from the remaining respondents were very, very clear, with 5% calling it a hit and 45% calling it a miss.

The biggest miss of all is Fox’s “Brothers,” given miss status by 87% of respondents.