Tufo Takes On A Brand-New Role At Neutrik USA


A supplier of pro entertainment connectivity tools for audio, video, and data has named its new Marketing Director.

This is a new position for the Charlotte-based company, Neutrik USA, and celebrates one month in the role.

As of September 24, the job belongs to Janet Tufo, who has been associated with Neutrik USA since early 2013.

In her new role, Tufo will interact with Neutrik’s headquarters in the tiny European nation of Liechtenstein, “supporting the global corporate identity while maintaining a watchful eye over market perceptions of the Neutrik brand.”

She reports to Neutrik USA President Peter Milbery, who commented, “Janet’s prior work for Neutrik USA over nearly six years in Charlotte has significantly expanded Neutrik’s presence in the U.S. market while bringing attention throughout our company to the importance of effective brand management.”

He added that Tufo’s leadership extends beyond marketing. “She comes to work with an attitude of ‘How can I help Neutrik be a better company, both internally and in the market?,’” she says. “Additionally, she performs her work with excellent attention to detail and little margin for mistakes. Finding this kind of person is what every executive wants.”

Ms. Tufo came to Neutrik USA as Office Coordinator, and previously managed marketing and operations for a family business. In 2014, Janet was promoted to Marketing and Communications Manager.