Nevada agency putting up ad flight in Illinois


The Nevada Development Authority finds it difficult to understand why a business would want to operate in the state of Illinois when the climate in its own state – in terms of both the weather and the tax structure – is much more favorable. And it’s buying TV time in Chicago to make its point.

NDA is reminding Illinois business owners, just in case they need a reminder, that the state’s legislature has just upped state income taxes by a factor of 67% and corporate taxes by a factor of 45% — putting it in the top ten most expensive states in which to operate.

“Nevada is a great place to live and has the best business climate in the country,” said NDA President and Chief Executive Officer Somer Hollingsworth. “Illinois businesses now have to offset the state’s budget shortfall through massive tax increases. We want Chicago business owners to know that, regardless of the economy, the infrastructure that made Nevada a great place to do business is still here, and that our commitment to keeping it that way is as strong as ever.”

The campaign is comprised of 30-second spots in the Chicago DMA, and follows similar efforts targeted at businesses in New Jersey and Southern California.