Nevada FM on Vegas fringe sold


KHIJ-FM is moving from Mesquite NV to Bunkerville NV, and it is also moving from BMB Operating to LKCM Radio Group. The signal of the Class C will be licensed to a town near the Arizona border, but the positioning of its antenna will allow it to reach Nevada’s largest and most famous city.

The buyer, headed by J. Bryan King, Kevin Prigel and Michael Bornitz, will pay $2M for the station. $100K will go into escrow, $1M will be paid directly to a third party, PCRL Investments LP, $400K will go to BMB and its head John Maguire, and the remaining $500K will eventually go to BMB pursuant to terms of a promissory note.

The station is listed by the FCC as licensed but silent, with parameters calling for 93 kW @ 2,090’ HAAT on 96.7 MHz. The current COL Mesquite and destination COL Bunkerville are close neighbors, and the change of city of license will not change the physical transmitter longitude and latitude parameters.

LKCM has been operating FMs in three states, holding licenses for seven in Oklahoma, five in Texas and one in Arizona. This will be its first foray into Nevada airspace.

An FCC map of KHIJ’s contour was unavailable, but its power and coordinates are similar to Kemp Broadcasting’s 97.5 KVEG-FM, which throws a signal over Las Vegas from a location about halfway between the city and the Mesquite/Bunkerville area.

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