New 39 GHz Reconfiguration Procedures for Auction 103


The FCC on Tuesday adopted updated procedures to reconfigure and modify existing 39 GHz licenses in preparation for Auction 103 — the incentive auction of upper microwave flexible use service licenses in the 37 GHz, 39 GHz, and 47 GHz bands.

Here are the details.

In a Public Notice released Tuesday, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, in cooperation with the Office of Economics and Analytics (OEA), adopted the procedures.

“These reconfiguration procedures are a critical step toward offering new licenses in this incentive auction, scheduled to begin on December 10, and will enhance opportunities for both incumbents and new entrants to provide valuable 5G wireless, Internet of Things, and other advanced services,” the FCC notes.

Consistent with Commission decisions in the Spectrum Frontiers Fourth R&O, the FCC will
reconfigure existing 39 GHz licenses to match the new 39 GHz band plan and license areas.

“With the Initial 39 GHz Reconfiguration Procedures PN, we implemented the first steps toward quantifying the 39 GHz holdings of incumbents by aggregating existing licensees’ holdings in terms of MHz-pops by PEA and consolidating the holdings of commonly controlled licensees based on then existing ULS,” the FCC continues.

For purposes of Auction 103, an “incumbent” includes both an existing 39 GHz licensee, individually or together with other commonly controlled existing 39 GHz licensees. As described in these procedures, an incumbent may represent one or more existing 39 GHz licensees with respect to reconfiguration of existing licenses, the receipt of an incentive payment, and bidding on new licenses.

The notice, downloadable here, offers details on quantifying existing 39 MHz licenses, and the methodology for setting relative weights for spectrum holdings by PEA.

There is also information on reconfigured holdings for modified licenses.

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