New ad launched to Stop Waxman-Markey National Energy Tax


Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions has launched a new national television ad that calls attention to the devastating economic costs of the Waxman-Markey national energy tax. “With 9.4 percent unemployment and the price of gasoline climbing to $2.69, it defies common sense why any politician could support legislation like Waxman-Markey that would kill more jobs and drive the price of a gas even higher,” said Dan Varroney American Solutions SVP. “That’s why American Solutions is running a national advertising campaign to defeat this attempt to impose a new national energy tax on American families. We urge every American to contact their elected officials and tell them they don’t want to pay even more for gas and electricity.”

Already more than 110,000 people have signed American Solutions’ petition urging Congress to defeat any legislation like Waxman-Markey that would establish a new national energy tax system through cap and trade.

To watch the ad, entitled “The Breaking Point,” click here.