New Age picks up MS DIY project


An unbuilt television station which has been kicking around the FCC CP database for over 10 years is going to a new owner in a bankruptcy proceeding. New Age Media of Pennsylvania is getting access to the people of Tupelo MS over Channel 49. New Age, headed by Charles and John Parente, is getting the CP from KB Prime Media for 33,333 dollars. In fact, they’ve already paid that amount in full after picking up an option to buy the CP which has been held by Pegasus Satgellite Communicationsw since 4/14/98. New Age has full power stations in Portland ME, Chattanooga TN, Tallahassee FL-Thomasville GA (Bainbridge GA), Gainesville FL (High Springs FL), and two in Wilkes Barre-Scranton PA (Hazleton PA and Williamsport PA).