New album from Duffy confirms labels just can


Recording artist Duffy had a remarkably successful first album, and her second effort is due to hit the market in about two months, on 12/7/10. But members of one industry will get a crack at the release two months early. If you guessed the lucky industry is radio, you were right!

The album is “Endlessly,” released by Mercury Records.

According to Mercury, “Preceding the album is the catchy lead single, ‘Well, Well, Well’ which includes Duffy’s New York-based musical collaborators – fellow Def Jam artists the Roots – and will launch at radio today, October 7th at Hot AC and Triple A radio.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Patrick Leahy and John Conyers, take note: The labels WANT airplay. How can you seriously suggest that radio stations should provide this airplay that the labels covet AND pay the labels at the same time?

Sorry if it seems that we’re harping on this, but the labels are saying that radio is relatively useless as a marketing tool. Instead of touting a radio launch, Mercury should toe the label party line and say something like “there will be a sneak preview of the album two months ahead of release, and you can be sure that those vampirous leeches in the radio industry will start playing cuts from this album for their own financial gain.”

Instead, they are giving radio stations free copies of this music (if they are in a big enough market) and may have employees placing phone calls to the stations begging them to play the song.

Labels – get your story straight. And politicians – wake up and smell the hypocrisy.