New ANCO campaign relies on television


Federal-Mogul’s ANCO wipers brand is connecting with millions during the prime wiper selling season through a far-reaching television, digital and print campaign. ANCO wipers are “The Clearest Choice in Wiper Blades.” The large-scale campaign includes eight weeks of aggressive prime-time television as well as extensive print and digital ads that together will generate nearly 300 million brand impressions among consumers ages 25-54.

The 30-second television ad–appearing on CNN, ESPN and ESPN2, HGTV, TBS, The Weather Channel, TNT, and other leading networks–reminds consumers that they can improve their driving experience, regardless of the type of car they drive, by installing new ANCO wipers.

The effort will be supported by an aggressive consumer rebate and sweepstakes offer to help ANCO retailers maximize sales throughout the selling season.


  1. Hmmm…funny how this campaign shuns radio…the medium playing most often when “In Car” and possibly realizing you cannot see well!! While I get the “visual” effort they will show and the mass audience, radio would have been a strong complement here.

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