New CBS Radio Tool Gauges Marketing Effectiveness


The tool is called Airtime Analytics, and the radio division of CBS Corp., which is merging with Entercom, says it gives radio advertisers an advantage on ROI and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by measuring the impact of audience delivery and engagement.

The end result for those who use it, CBS says, will be the optimization of creative content and placement of campaigns. Airtime Analytics will be offered only in those markets where CBS Radio operates.

Bob Philips, CBS Radio’s Chief Revenue Officer, CBS Radio, said, “Radio has long been one of the most effective mediums in reaching a targeted demographic, and Airtime Analytics is the next step in delivering even greater value to our clients. This exclusive new tool allows us to finally measure an advertiser’s lift in website traffic following a radio spot. Armed with an analysis of consumer movement, we are then able to give our clients a clear understanding of their most successful creative and daypart executions.”

CBS RADIO Airtime Analytics was developed by AnalyticOwl.

Reporting by Adrian Zupp