New Chase ads assure Hispanic consumers: “Together We Can”


Chase is using its new radio and television campaign to reach out to Hispanic consumers with a straightforward message: “Chase. Juntos Se Puede” (Chase. Together We Can).

The campaign builds on both Chase’s expanded capabilities to serve Latinos’ banking needs and its Chase What Matters campaign of focusing on what matters most to customers.

The campaign, which began 6/11, will raise Chase’s visibility as a partner (“socio”) for Latino consumers to provide consumers with the tools and guidance to better manager their money and achieve their financial goals
The two TV commercials use the same dramatic black-and-white approach as the broader Chase What Matters campaign, but the stories were developed specifically for Hispanics:

“Bodeguero" shows a frustrated young Latino who can’t make a purchase at a local bodega because he doesn’t have the exact change. Chase shows how its debit card provides access to a customer’s money anytime and everywhere. The spot promotes a Chase checking account that is free when consumers make five debit card purchases in a statement period.

"Letter" shows a Latino man opening a letter bearing bad news: He has overdrawn his bank account by overspending on gifts and dates with his girlfriend. At the end of the spot, he slyly uses his cellphone to check his bank account balance before entering a nice restaurant with his girlfriend.

The campaign also includes three radio commercials – focusing on the following topics:

Mobile banking, which also allows customers to request alerts about activity in their accounts;

Free checking with debit card usage, and

Chase as the partner “socio” that is ready to help Latinos to better manage their finances.

Chase worked with Lapiz (Leo Burnett) to create the ads.