New Chevy marketing effort readies


The Detroit Free Press reports the new campaign will include the cars and use “excellence for everyone,” Mark Reuss, president of GM North America, said in a Web chat. He was unclear about how that saying would be used, but indicated it would not be Chevrolet’s new tagline.

“You will really like it,” he added.

The new spots are to come out within the next two months. The current Equinox ads feature Howie Long.

Reuss also indicated that GM will be turning more to Corvette and Camaro muscle cars in future marketing efforts to improve Chevy’s image. The Detroit automaker doesn’t do a good enough job leveraging those iconic names to help the brand, according to Reuss.

“When have you ever seen ’Vettes and Camaros in ads for Equinox and Malibu?” he wrote. “This will change.”

The Equinox crossover has been a highly successful product for GM and dealers have been clamoring for more, saying it’s the right priced package of space, fuel economy and technology.

Reuss also suggested GM needs to step up its efforts on the Malibu.

“We need to re-energize the car,” he said.

There’s a feeling within GM that the company did a good job launching the vehicle in late 2007 but didn’t follow up afterward, particularly during the company’s bankruptcy reorg.