New Cloud Capabilities On Harmonic’s Horizon


A global video delivery infrastructure firm has added a host of advanced media management and scheduling capabilities to its VOS Cloud platform, a move designed to further accelerate the time to market for new broadcast and OTT services.

The additions from Harmonic give both broadcasters and service providers an increased ability to seamlessly create schedules and manage assets in real time via Harmonic’s VOS Cloud solution.

That’s all thanks to Harmonic’s acquisition of software technology from cloud-based traffic systems manufacturer Chyro.

The VOS Cloud solution with these next-generation scheduling capabilities has already been successfully deployed by “a major U.S. broadcaster” for increased OTT delivery efficiency, Harmonic notes.

“A key challenge that broadcasters face today is how to prepare and distribute OTT-ready local channels to MVPDs,” said Bart Spriester, SVP/Video products at Harmonic. “Adding Chyro scheduling functionality to our award-winning VOS Cloud solution provides the broadcast community with an innovative approach to primary distribution — what we call ‘Distribution 2.0.’ This is a managed way for moving content, either from point A to point B or from many sources to many endpoints, over the public internet. Using the cloud as a centralized resource, broadcasters can efficiently aggregate feeds and schedules from hundreds of stations, resolve content rights and decorate the channels with signaling information critical for OTT fulfillment.”

This advanced technology streamlines the process of scheduling blackouts and the replacement of ads or programming — a major hurdle that has prevented broadcasters from being competitive in the OTT environment.